“Roland weaves a story that keeps everyone enthralled anddelivers an inspirational message gently. You want to run out and start implementing every idea instantly.”

Chris Happel, Engineer

“Roland is an extraordinary speaker, bringing his gift of life's happenings in a powerful way.”

Dr. Carlos Torres, MD

“I love listening to Roland's Old Men Stories. He has the audience on the edge of their seats. The comment I hear most often is 'I wish I could hear more'”

Elaine Meyer, English Teacher

“Roland ties his stories and his audience in a nice bow.”

Peggy Isaac, Free Lance Writer

“You can tell by Roland's stories his broad background and knowledge base. I hope my life has as many adventures.”

Kevin Well, Accountant

“I am captivated listening to his stories. He tells a story with his words, his movement and with his eyes.Roland has the story art form reminiscent ofthe greatstoryteller masters throughout history.”

Steve Siebold, Profession Speaker

“Again today Roland kept everyone tied to every nuance of the story and message. His messages  are wonderfully and lovingly weaved.”

Josh Braton, VP Computer Support

“Roland’s storytelling skills make you feel like you’re a part of the story. He paints visual pictures with a powerful sense of nostalgia, and while some of them may seem like tall tales, they represent a life well lived. He captures the attention of a room of any size and has the ability to make a personal connection with anyone.”

-Jeff Young, Technical Writer