Roland Willits Profile
Name : Roland Willits
Location : Fremont, California, United States
Fee : $1,000 to $5,000      Also an SSN: Referral Agent
Expertise : Mental Toughness, Religion & Spirituality, Toughness Times
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Phone : 510-604-5700
Address : 3755 Washington Blvd, Fremont, CA 94358, United States
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Roland Willits, BS,BA, MBA, CPA, DSE.... "Professional Speaker".... BS in Philosophy from St. Thomas University.... BA & MBA in International Business from "Thunderbird Graduate School for International Management.".... CPA in State of Arizona (1972).... DSE (Data Systems Engineer). Computer Systems Institute, San Francisco.... President & Co-owner of "Corbin Willits Systems", California Corporation. Founded in 1976.... Prime programmer for the software.... Prime Salesmen for software.... Used in 200 Cities, Indian Tribes, and Non-Profits.... Professor at "Cal State East Bay" teaching "Government Accounting".... Hospital Finance Director.... Phoenix South Mental Health.... St. Rose Hospital. Hayward California.... Garden Sullivan Hospital. San Franciso, CA.... Published Journalist.... Published Poet.... Professional Artist.... Conducted Self Growth Seminars.... Flew in Phantom jets off Carriers in the Navy.... USS Enterprise... Weapons Officer and spent over on thousand hours on the Bridge of the USS Enterprise.... My friends call me the 'Reissance Man'.... Member of the NRA and a 'Trap Shooter'.... Bow hunter.... Traveled with RV to all 48 states and most of Canada....

Testimonial1 :

Roland weaves a story that keeps everyone enthralled and delivers a inspirational message gently. You want to run out and start implementing every idea instantly... ---Jim Schultz ---

Testimonial2 :

“Roland’s storytelling skills make you feel like you’re a part of the story. He paints visual pictures with a powerful sense of nostalgia, and while some of them may seem like tall tales, they represent a life well lived. He captures the attention of a room of any size and has the ability to make a personal connection with anyone.... --- Jeff Young ---

Testimonial3 : Roland is an extraordinary speaker. He brings his gift of 'live happenings' in a powerful way.... ---Melinda Reigle---
Testimonial4 : Roland ties his stories and his audience in a nice bow.... ---Lucille Woo---
Testimonial5 : I am captivated listening to his stories. He tells a story with his words, his movements and especially with his eyes. Roland owns the story art form with the masters of history.... --- Chris Lozano ---
Clients I'm Looking For : I am looking for Client's wishing to be entertained by moving and captivating stories..........
My Deal : Payment is 25% for confirmed and completed booking. Payment of 20% for every referral that leads to a confirmed and completed booking.