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Special Holidays with Ysabel and Stephanie Willits


OMS First Speech Cowboy by Roland Willits


OMS Christmas Shopping with Roland Willits


Christmas Shoping with Jeff Young


OMS Christmas Shopping with Mark Willits


Dancing with Jeff Young


Dancing with Jim Schultz


Eating Utensils with Laura


Eating Utensils with Jeff Young


Eating Utensils with Roland Willits


Planning a Future with Jeff Young


Planning a Future with Roland Willits


Book Store Saga by Jeff Young


Funny Thanksgiving with Roland and Teri Willits


Rick Riegle tells about Mountain Home by Roland Willits


Book Store by Roland Willits


Melinda Reigle tells Roland Willits one Life Story


Hunting in N.E. Texas with Rusty Hicks and Roland Willits


Rusty Hick and the Texas Levee by Roland Willits


Mississippi Memphis Tom Sawyer RV with Roland Willits


Christmas Card Video by Roland Willits


Jade Sky Maiden talks with Great Granddad Roland


Jeff Young Romancing


Teri and Roland Willits get tickled about the Moon


Teri And Roland Willits Tell Fall Story


Jeff Young Musical Instruments


Gene Prim and Hippo Hunting by Roland Willits


Teri Willits and Roland Willits on Heritage


Roland Willits and Teri Willits have fun with Bikes


Steve Foster Heritage


Radio Show Forest City Iowa


Roland and Teri Romancing Master


Romancing with David WillitsMaster


RocksTeri and Roland Master


Roland Willits and Teri Willits Pets


Teri and Roland Willits and Hardware Stores


Blanche Willits and her Son Roland discuss Pets


Teri and Roland Willits work with Journals


Bill Nelson on Minnesota Farm


Roland and Teri Willits VFW


Mark Braton motorcycles and Blanche Willits


Teri And Roland Willits and Knifes


Roland Willits Driving Youngsters


Roland Willits and USS Enterprise


Rodney Zentz tells story about shells


Roland Willits tell story using crying


Teri & Roland take a Drive


Roland Willits tell 'Old Men Story' showing Happy Yelling


Teri and Roland explore Space 'sort of'.


Alex Olson Time Clock Masters


Teri Willits for 'Old Men Stories' helping in war and suporting Superman


Roland Willits tells a story using Cadence as a theme


Rodney Zentz tells about 'TheJudge' for "Old Men Stories"


Jeff Young shows story Cadence in Dancing


Roland Willits with a Fish Crooning Tail from "Old Men Stories"


Jeff Young,"Old Men Stories" tells about his snow adventure in Yosemite.


Jeff Young Story 'Mouse that Roared" from Old Men Stories Radio.m2ts


Teri Willits Telling about Superman, Germans and Dead Rattle Snakes


Luke Soares show crying as part of life


Roland Willits tell story of Hooks and Bullets


Roland Willits "Old Men Stories" illustrates touch in a story


Jeff Young 'Old Men Stories' tell two stories about touch


Roland Willits observations on Power


Jeff Young Begining a new adventure with a Mystic Guide


Roland Willits and his first adventure into tournament boxing


Roland Willits tells a tale of Mystic Smells


Jeff Young works with Smells


Laura Davis for "Old Men Stories" tells her Smell Adventures


Allan Bowman tell's "Old Men Stories" emphasizing the sense of Smell


Roland Fear as a Motivation


Jeff Young tells the tale of using fear as a tool.


Siebold Success Network Show Visit by Roland Willits


Jeff Young tells Story with Ending practical Jokes


Roland Willits with Lives Transisions in stories


Roland Willits Oceans Space Master


Jeff Young Angels Rocks


Roland Willits Computer Ease


Jeff Virtual Life Story


Father's Son and Mother's Daughter Wed at Tatoo Boogaloo by Roland Willits


Teri with Allan and Abi at wedding by Roland Willits


Jeff Young Yaa HOO wedding


Roland Willits at Allan and Abi's wedding at Tattoo Boogaloo


Jeff Young Sisters Wedding by Roland Willits


PeebleBeach Visit by RolandWillits


Laura Davis talks about her sister's piercing


Jeff Young doing treasure hunting with GeoCashing by Roland Willits


OMS Roland Mez Tattoo


Roland's Mystic Magic Staff by Roland Willits


Jeffs Mystic-Magic Feather by Roland Willits


Jeff Young talks about his Artistic adventures creating Talking themes for Old Men Stories


Laura Davis, artist and creating a human cat Old Men Stories


Old Men Stories about the Artistry of Stories by Roland Willits


Old Men Stories Jeff Young, Hero


Old Men Stories Contributor Year 1 Session 1 by Roland Willits


Old Men Stories Conclusion Year 1 Session 1 by Roland Willits and Jeff Young


Old Men Stories Year 1 Session 1 Roland Willits and Jeff Young


Laura Olson's Sewing Machine and Mystic Magic with Roland Willits


Trinidad Tribe with Roland


Hoopa Bow and Arrow with Roland Willits


Texarkana Pan by Roland Willits


Texarkana Alien Deer Hunt with Roland Willits


Hoopa Valley Introduction by Roland Willits


Crow Women by Teri Willits


OMS at Kentucky Opry by Roland Willits


OMS Paducah First Club Meeting intro by Roland Willits


OMS KY Pedro


First Kentucky Old Men Stories Club Ozarks


Ray Isaac and my friend Eric. by Roland Willits


Elaine Meyers American Legion Debate


Pelican Rapids Club News with Roland Willits


Marine Captain Willits sort of by Roland Willits


Elaine Meyers and Blizzards


Old Men Stories


Jimmy Hoffa by Roland Willits


Rodney Zantz with 'Old Men Stories' club


Old Men Stories Enthrall by Roland Willits


Interview Roland with his Mother Blanche


Big Girls Back of Bus by Elaine Meyers


TM Interview with Chris Happel and Roland Willits


Navy Marine Smoker by Roland Willits


Rode with Hell's Angles by Roland Willits


with Jane Davis by Roland Willits


Orange Cove


Old Men Stories Why Join w music.mpg


Old Men Stories : Why Join! By Roland Willits


OMS First Speech Cowboy by Roland Willits


First OMS Summary by Roland Willits


1948 Join the Club


OMS RV Storage.flv